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Pervert Club Manhwa also known as (AKA) “変態クラブ ; 변태클럽”. This Canceled webtoon was released on 2017. The story was written by WOO Sang-Ho and illustrations by WOO Sang-Ho. Pervert Club webtoon is about Comedy, School Life story.
Pervert Club Manhwa – Summary A thrilling yet flirtatious relationship between the perverted girl Lee-ni, who gets excited from the wicked stares of men, and Du-jun, who is insensitive to sexual stimulus due to his father, who is an AV director, has begun! While showing off her cleavage and exposing her underwear, Lee-Ni?s pride is hurt when Du-jun isn?t aroused even after seeing her bare form. The end result becomes an approach through all sorts of perverted acts in an effort to encapsulate him? What will the seduction of a pervert end up tasting like?
Note: Pervert Club is axed after 36 chapters. The series has been cancelled due to the manhwaga’s sexual harassment towards a female colleague.

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