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Legend of Mir: Gold Armored Dragon

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Legend of Mir: Gold Armored Dragon Manhwa also known as (AKA) “Legend of Mir: The Golden Armored Sword Dragon / 미르의 전설 : 금갑도룡”. This OnGoing webtoon was released on 2020. The story was written by Black Salt,Jin-San,Jwa-Baek and illustrations by Black Salt,Grinbi. Legend of Mir: Gold Armored Dragon webtoon is about Action, Adventure story.
Legend of Mir: Gold Armored Dragon Manhwa – Summary “Where am I? What… am I?”
Gold Armored Sword Dragon, the boss monster of Demon Palace’s 7th floor and the Guardian of the Abyss, becomes self-aware and awakens in a game world!
Gold Armored Sword Dragon (or Geum-gab Do-Ryong) is a giant dragon covered in golden scales, but he takes on a human form once he withstands a set number of attacks. He’s a rare character in the game, “New Legend of Mir”, a supposedly authentic martial arts game.
Dorothy, the girl who call him “Geum Ryong” (Gold Dragon)… Jeok Chan-Woon, the attack force’s leader and commander of the Red Blood Group… and Gepetto, who goes by the nickname, “Dumplinghead Girl”…
Their story takes place inside the world of Murim within the virtual-reality martial arts game, “New Legend of Mir”!
Story adapted by: Black Salt
Art by: Black Salt, Grinbi
Original novel by: Jwa-Baek, Jin-San

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